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A Normal Family Netflix Cast

A Normal Family Netflix Cast

“A Nearly Normal Family” (En helt vanlig familj) is a Netflix Swedish crime thriller that follows the Sandell family as their daughter is suspected of murder. Alexandra Karlsson Tyrefors, Lo Kauppi, and Björn Bengtsson play Stella’s parents, Ulrika and Adam, and offer depth and complexity to their parts.

A Nearly Normal Family is about the Sandell family, which consists of a priest, a lawyer, and their 19-year-old daughter. The Sandells appear to enjoy a beautiful life in a suburban area outside of Lund, but their peaceful existence is turned upside down when their daughter is accused of murder. While the Sandells want to help their daughter, they are plagued by questions and uncertainties, most notably about how well they know her. A Nearly Normal Family stands out for its story structure and the performances of its cast members, all of whom will undoubtedly be unfamiliar to audiences outside of Europe.

Alexandra Karlsson Tyrefors as Stella Sandell

Alexandra Karlsson Tyrefors as Stella Sandell

Lo Kauppi as Ulrika Sandell

Björn Bengtsson as Adam Sandell

Christian Fandango Sundgren as Christogger “Chris” Olden

Melisa Ferhatovic as Amina Besic

Håkan Bengtsson as Mikael Blomberg

Christoffer Willén as Robin

Sara Chaanhing Kennedy as Alexandra Besic

Pablo Leiva Wenger as Dominic Besi

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