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Alan Schill: Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Articles

Alan Schill is an experienced trader and algorithmic trading strategy developer who has shared his insights into the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. In his articles, Schill focuses on various topics such as crypto trading, markets, portfolio construction and position sizing strategies. His passion for finance, optimal fitness and diet, psychology, psychedelic research and humanism are evident in his thought-provoking articles. This blog post will explore three of his articles that provide insight into the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

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Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies

In his article “5 Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies for Newbies,” Schill offers practical advice for beginners looking to enter the world of cryptocurrency trading. He emphasizes the importance of having a trading plan and methodology that suits individual preferences and risk tolerance. Schill emphasizes the need to diversify one’s portfolio and avoid trading based on emotion. He also suggests using stop-loss orders to cushion losses and take profits at predetermined levels. Schill’s article provides valuable insight for anyone looking to start trading cryptocurrencies.

Understanding the crypto market

In his article “Crypto Market Analysis: The Basics of Technical Analysis”, Schill delves into the technical analysis of the crypto market. It explains how to use charts, indicators and oscillators to analyze cryptocurrency price movements. Schill also emphasizes the importance of understanding market trends, support and resistance levels, and how to use this information to make informed trading decisions. His article provides an excellent foundation for traders looking to understand the technical aspects of the crypto market.

Blockchain and its applications

In his article “Blockchain Beyond Cryptocurrency: Exploring Its Potential Applications,” Schill explores the various use cases of blockchain technology beyond cryptocurrency. It highlights blockchain’s potential to revolutionize industries such as healthcare, supply chain management and voting systems. Schill emphasizes the need for collaboration between different sectors to fully exploit the potential of blockchain. His article provides valuable insight into the broader applications of blockchain technology.


Alan Schill’s articles provide valuable insight into the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. His practical advice for beginners, technical analysis of the crypto market, and exploration of blockchain applications make for informative and insightful reading. As Schill pays it forward by sharing his knowledge, readers can benefit from his expertise and experience.



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