Home Business Are you looking for professional Sikh wedding videographers?

Are you looking for professional Sikh wedding videographers?

Are you looking for professional Sikh wedding videographers?

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Sikh Wedding Videographers:

As the leading destination for Sikh wedding videographers and photographers, we have a lot to offer our clients in London. Here’s what you can expect from us…

Making your vision a reality

We are proud to be part of many Sikh weddings in London, so we understand that every couple has their own wedding plan and how it should be registered. We sit down with you to discuss what you need in terms of videography and photography before putting together a plan to make it a reality.

Luxury wedding photography

Getting the right photos at a Sikh wedding is no easy task. There is so much going on visually, so many vital factors of the ceremony to capture, that you need skill, experience and an expert eye to pick it all up. Our Sikh wedding photographers possess all three traits, ensuring clear, clean and beautiful photographs of your special day.

Capture every second with expert wedding videography

As fantastic as our photos are, the magic of a Sikh wedding needs to be captured on video to be fully appreciated. We offer Sikh wedding videographers for your wedding whose talent with a camera is second to none. They will capture the excitement, joy and love of the event, overlaying the entire rite and subsequent celebrations from several angles. This photo is then edited to create a feature film that you can return to again and again.

Sikh Wedding Venues in London:

As one of the UK’s leading Sikh wedding photographers, we carefully work with the capital’s various most admired venues. We know those countries well as we have built a strong relationship with them over the time we have been in business.

We work with world famous venues including Searcys at The Gherkin, Alexandra Palace, The Brewery, The Connaught Hotel, One Whitehall Place, The National Maritime Museum and more. With considerable experience with the methods of these countries, we can plan and deliver the right shot to capture every important second rite.

One of our favorite places is Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha in Hounslow. Check out a recent shoot we worked on to see the value we’ll get at your wedding.

Choose Epic Cinematography for your Sikh Wedding:

We are regular visitors to London, providing quality photography and videography services for Sikh weddings in the capital. Our team of cameramen use their considerable talent and skill to capture the ideal document of the day, wherever your wedding takes place. You can count on us to arrive early to set up beautiful time photographs, delivering a special file of your wedding ceremony. For the best Sikh wedding photography and videography service, contact Epic Cinematography today. Call us or fill out the online form on our Contact page.

What is a destination wedding and what does it cover?

Destination Wedding Videography it’s regularly left out even when planning in the comfort of your wedding week, that’s for sure! Videography often falls in the cracks between booking honeymoon suites and the right all-inclusive package deal/hotel, and the concern now is not. Today, we dive into what you want to know about hiring top-notch destination wedding videography:

You can pay the best for your wedding videos. However, there is more to wedding videography than of course the recordings themselves. Below are the number one items covered in the price of a wedding videographer.

  • Videography Service: You are deciding to purchase your videographer’s time and presence at your event, generally for a set range of hours. Any extras, along with drone footage or tour prices, in addition to additional team members can increase the cost.
  • After production: The editing process is the most time-consuming factor in making your wedding video. Sometimes the enhancement is done through the same person who filmed your wedding ceremony, and other times it is done through a special editor. You can make a number of adjustments to your wedding video with the permission of your videographer. However, additional modifications should cost more. Ask in advance for daily delivery times.
  • Final product: You will most likely get your wedding movies on DVD, Blu-ray or USB force. A spotlight roll may be available for smooth posting to YouTube or Vimeo. You will incur additional charges if you choose additional copies of the wedding DVD, Blu-ray Disc or USB. Some videographers include custom packaging and your finished product, which is the nicest touch.
  • Equipment: Your videographer should have the most up-to-date and valuable equipment, such as high-definition cameras, lights and various accessories. Asking what equipment they use can be an indication of their high level of professionalism.


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