Home Business Controversial singer !! MC Pipokinha has made headlines with her brazen acts

Controversial singer !! MC Pipokinha has made headlines with her brazen acts

Controversial singer !! MC Pipokinha has made headlines with her brazen acts

Controversial singer !! MC Pipokinha has made headlines with her brazen acts

Controversial singer who had oral sex on stage seen twerking on bar as crowd cheer her on

MC Pipokinha, known for her racy antics, was seen twerking on a bar and slapping her backside, as the crowd cheered her on in her home nation of Brazil

A controversial singer who had a fan perform oral sex on her on stage has set pulses racing once again, this time by twerking on a bar and slapping her own backside.

MC Pipokinha, whose real name is Doroth Helena de Sousa Alves, rose to infamy following the brazen act and has since courted controversy at every opportunity.


The Brazilian has made headlines for her topless ventures into the crowd, letting a cat lick her nipples and starting a huge street party.

Videos have now emerged of the performer dancing on a bar in front of a large crowd, twerking and shaking her bum in tiny shorts, as she slaps herself.




In a nearly minute-long video, the crowd can be seen recording her and cheering her on at the same time.

In one instance, an eager fan is seen taking it upon themselves to spank MC Pipokinha, before the singer quickly brushes their hand away and shakes her finger, telling them to stop — with her security guard also doing the same thing.

She had one of her Instagram pages taken down for “violating the community guidelines regarding sexual content”, while her second account, which posts marginally less explicit content, remained active.

She won the court case, with her account now having been reinstated, but the social media giants decided to appeal the ruling and the outcome is still pending.

Fred said he “felt a bit dirty” about it but found himself getting on with a girl “who said she was from Nottingham,” and, the mood having fully taken him, they agreed to move the conversation over to Skype because she said it was “more secure” to “do some mutual masturbation”.

“I didn’t expect it at all,” he continued, “it didn’t even cross my mind. A critical mistake I make I made was moving from an anonymous platform to Skype where my details were.”

Then, “after a few minutes of me performing various sex acts, some of which were a lot more embarrassing than I thought I would [ever] be sharing,” the screen went dark and a stream of messages began pouring in through Skype’s instant messenger.

One message read: “Hi Mr Fred, I want to tell you I have recorded you while you were masturbating. I have your contact list, friends, family… if you run away, I can show them the clip… I’m a professional hacker and I can do this f****** s*** in one click. If you want me to delete it, you must do what I tell you, or I will ruin your life.”

Next came the demands. He was told he would need to pay $400 for the video to not be sent and to ring a man on Skype called Driss.

Fred said that his “initial reaction was one of total submission” and as a result “played into their hands”.

Likening it to an episode of Netflix hit Black Mirror, he said he was told to send the cash to a Western Union account and turn on screen mirroring so the assailant could see what he was doing.

In blind panic and with the money he would have needed to pay not in his account, he even woke up a pal and asked if they could cover him for the cash.

It was only when Fred managed to stall that he was able to start to regain some control, entering bank details he knew were empty and frustrating Driss to the point where he gave up on a transfer and demanded the money be sent to an address in Morocco.

Fred told The Star he stayed up all night and, in the early hours, headed down to the police station – this didn’t go well.

The cops laughed at him, he saw officers he had just spoken to going around the corner and joking with their colleagues before they came back and told him that, because it was an international incident, there was nothing they could do.

He read online that you should never pay – it keeps you on the hook – and instead started to find ways to push back, sitting in a Mcdonald’s at 8am taking screenshots and sending off an array of lies to Driss including: “If you post it the Police will be able to track it and will investigate” and, toe-curlingly, “My Dad’s lawyers are going to get involved”.

Fred was quick to point out his Dad has no lawyers.

When he told the assailant he wouldn’t pay, Driss said something to the effect of: “I’m going to ruin your life, your life is over.”

Then Fred went for the Hail Mary and, as Driss got angrier and angrier, said he’d already warned his friends and family they might be contacted and added there was nothing he could do to hurt him beyond that.

The plan worked and Driss changed his approach, claiming he needed the money because his own mother was ill. “I knew then I was probably in the driving seat,” Fred added.
To this day, the images still haven’t come out but, Fred told The Star “the experience really took the fun out of masturbating.”

“If it does happen, cut all ties with the person straight away, a mistake I made was engaging with the person sextorting me… because I was so fearful.”

He added: “Don’t ever send them anything because they’re going to keep bleeding you for more.”


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