Home Business Explore the key responsibilities of a Senior Sharepoint Developer.

Explore the key responsibilities of a Senior Sharepoint Developer.

Explore the key responsibilities of a Senior Sharepoint Developer.

senior sharepoint developer

Determining the entire skill set required for a SharePoint developer is extremely easy. It includes a thorough knowledge of SharePoint Online and SharePoint servers, programming languages ​​such as C#, .NET, CSS, JavaScript, HTML 5 and jQuery, and development tools such as PowerShell, SharePoint Framework and Microsoft Visual Studio. Today we will consider the main responsibilities that are on one’s shoulders Senior SharePoint Developer.

Custom development

Custom development is the primary responsibility of SharePoint developers as they create custom experiences at various levels:


SharePoint experts can build portals, intranets, contract management systems, document management systems, ticketing and help desk systems, learning management systems, and more. They would tailor these solutions to different sizes of business whether it is small, medium or large in different industries.


Extending the social or business-focused functionality of portals or intranets helps developers create out-of-the-box add-ons.


SharePoint professionals create custom custom features such as web parts, workflows, and page templates, along with various other components.


Branding can help create a better sense of community in a firm by stimulating user adoption. Often, SharePoint specialists are asked to make a solution that looks different from SharePoint.

Therefore, developers would often turn to SharePoint customization. They would change platform features, such as homepages, logos, colors, styles and page layouts, creating a unique look and feel for extras and corporate intranets.

Understand the end user experience

This is mostly true for developers; however, it is also a fact of life for SharePoint developers. The architecture of SharePoint is oriented towards the development of solutions and not necessarily just the building aspects. That’s why many out-of-the-box elements support end-user document management, sharing, and more.

SharePoint developers must have an ear for diagnosing end-user problems with the ability to outline the right solution and then determine the right mix of methods using the key skills mentioned earlier to deliver the right features.


Development work is always required if the custom SharePoint or third-party solution needs to migrate to the new version of SharePoint Online or SharePoint Server. In such cases, developers help preserve the initial customizations in a new solution.

Maintenance and Support

Experts can provide post-release support with the SharePoint solution implementation to ensure that the solution works well. They would even provide continuous managed services as per SLA for a certain time.

In such a situation, the responsibilities of SharePoint experts cover adding new features to reflect changing business requirements, installing updates to ensure seamless operation, and resolving technical issues such as slow loading times, strong security and improved usability.


As you may already know. SharePoint is unique in development as it strives to provide the solutions you require through its innovative features and requires extremely little development built from the ground up. In addition, places where custom code is required to change techniques fit the framework for SharePoint.


for senior SharePoint developer, mainly when you are not already actively developing in SharePoint, you should leave the general coding mentality at the door and try playing with SharePoint protocols which require a lot of patience. Be prepared to get frustrated, curse, or even leave your computer a few times as you navigate the environment that is SharePoint.


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