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Factors to consider when choosing an invisible dog fence

3 essential factors to consider when choosing an invisible dog fence

Invisible dog fence is becoming an increasingly popular choice for pet owners. Since some communities and terrains don’t allow actual boundaries, these inconspicuous alternatives give your dog enough room to run while still keeping him indoors.

Choosing a suitable one indoor dog fence and external solution will affect how efficiently the system will operate. To help you determine the ideal barrier, read our tips below:

Wireless or underground

You will find two main types of invisible dog fences on the market: wireless and underground. While both types share the same feature of being invisible, their functionality and installation methods differ greatly.


Wireless dog fences use a GPS to create a virtual perimeter that communicates with a dog collar to keep your dog from going beyond the boundary.


  • Easy to install and are portable
  • The limit is adjustable
  • Quick activation


  • Some models may be affected by radio signals
  • Limits may fluctuate
  • May be exclusive to round perimeter shapes


Underground dog fences are variations with wires buried in trenches underground. The main transmitter is connected to a physical wired transmitter that communicates with the dog’s collar.


  • The perimeter does not fluctuate
  • The shape of the perimeter is customizable
  • It is not disturbed by external interference
  • More reliable


  • Installation may require a professional
  • Requires a channel and is not portable
  • It is difficult to repair if the wire breaks

Wire gauge

You must determine the proper wire gauge if you choose an underground wire dog fence. You can find dog fence wire in 20, 18, 16 or 14 gauge from thinnest to thickest.

20, being thinner, may not be the best option. While they are readily available and affordable, these wires have to work harder to keep your dog within the barrier.

Meanwhile, the thicker 14 gauge wire will have no problem preventing your dog from breaking through the established perimeter. This wire gauge contains four times more copper and has a thicker jacket for greater durability.


Another factor to consider when choosing an invisible dog fence wire is resistance. Since the fence will most likely be placed outside, it must be able to withstand varying temperatures and corrosion.

We recommend purchasing dog fence wire that is chemical and fertilizer resistant. You should also check its ability to withstand high and low temperatures, pressure and burial for underground application.

Ideally, you would also want the wire to be waterproof.

To learn more about invisible dog fences, visit Australia’s most secure and genuine dog fence system provider, Hidden Fence.



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