Home Business Features that can make you buy Kenwood 1853S AC Inverter at M&S ​​electronics

Features that can make you buy Kenwood 1853S AC Inverter at M&S ​​electronics

Features that can make you buy Kenwood 1853S AC Inverter at M&S ​​electronics


This split air conditioner KENWOOD 1853S offers a higher cooling capacity of 1800 BTU. It is designed for rooms or areas between 150 and 180 square meters. Sophisticated inverter technology that allows it to adjust compressor speed according to ambient temperature and cooling load is among its most important features. It results in better temperature control and energy efficient operation, in addition to lower consumption of compressors.

Gold fin condensers and evaporators that provide improved corrosion resistance and durability are included in the Kenwood 1853S. This is why it is the perfect model for coastal regions as well as other places with high humidity or exposure. Overall, the Kenwood 1853S air conditioner is a reliable and powerful air conditioner with a number of modern features that will ensure your comfort during winter and summer. These are the main characteristics of AC inverter.

DC inverter compressor

The most powerful DC inverter compressor available is the Kenwood 1853s. The main advantages of the brushless DC compressor are its quiet operation, small size, longer durability and ability to save energy and better capacity management. All of these help create a more pleasant living space for people using the car.

R410a Gas

The Kenwood 1853s air conditioner uses the hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerant known as R410A. Also known as Genetron R410A or Puron. This refrigerant is designed to replace the ozone depleting R-22 that is being eliminated due to environmental negatives. It is a safe, non-toxic and non-corrosive refrigerant and can be found in R410A. Increased heat transfer efficiency and better system performance and improved cooling capacity are just some of the advantages of using R410A refrigerant. It is also environmentally friendly compared to R-22 or other refrigerants as it has much less potential to contribute to global warming.

100% copper tubing

Kenwood 1853s The Kenwood 1853s consists entirely of copper tubes. By using pipes and pipe products, modern technology has been able to utilize the exceptional characteristics of copper and copper alloys. The specific requirements of the air conditioning industry are met by the inherent characteristics of copper. In response to increasing demands, there are better copper pipes to ensure better efficiency in operation and removal or reduction of unwanted emissions. While it has been in use since the beginning of time, copper has only recently gained much attention due to its modern characteristics of ease of use, corrosion resistance and strength. The shape and design of modern copper has changed according to market needs and legislative requirements. In the end, an old-fashioned product has become an environmentally efficient and economical up-to-date, resource-saving device.

Operation Turbo

In Turbo operation mode, it is possible to use the Turbo operation mode so that the KENWOOD 1853S AC cools the room quickly and efficiently. The result is an increase in air flow, as well as an increase in the cooling capacity of the air conditioner when in the Turbo setting, and this helps to lower the temperature of the room faster.

The air conditioner will operate in Turbo mode and reach its maximum cooling capacity for a certain period of time, before returning to its standard setting. This is useful in situations where you need rapid cooling in an area such as when you are first entering a hot and humid area. This Turbo feature of the Kenwood 1853S is due to the sophisticated inverter technology. By adjusting the speed according to the need for cooling, as well as the ambient temperature of the room, it is able to use the air conditioner efficiently and effectively in Turbo mode, thanks to the inverter technology.

Overall, it’s a good choice overall. The turbo operation feature of the KENWOOD 1853S is an excellent opportunity to speed up the cooling of the space you need, while maintaining the effectiveness and efficiency of the air conditioner.

Low voltage operation

The ability of the KENWOOD 1853S to operate at low voltages will not hinder its performance. It can be turned on and run even with an extremely low voltage of only 150 V, thanks to a low voltage ignition capability. The air conditioner will continue to work even when there are low voltages, it is especially useful in places where voltage fluctuations are common.

The intelligent inverter technology of the KEC-1853S allows the function of low voltage operation. Because the compressor is able to adjust its speed according to the cooling load and the voltage source thanks to the inverter technology that allows the air conditioner to operate efficiently and effectively at low voltages. The KEC-1853S features a built-in voltage stabilizer along with a low-voltage trigger that further protects the compressor from voltage fluctuations and ensures that it runs safely and smoothly.

Overall, the eEco Plus KENWOOD 1.5 Ton KEC-1853S Inverter is an air conditioner that is a reliable and effective choice even in areas where voltage fluctuations are common due to its ability to operate at low voltages.


M&S Electronics has been a success in the electronics industry in Pakistan since 2007. M&S Electronics only works with suppliers who have demonstrated to us the reliability of their products over time. Kenwood is one of the most reliable.


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