Home Business Global Urban Air Mobility Market Key Revenue, Opportunities, Segments and Trends to 2030

Global Urban Air Mobility Market Key Revenue, Opportunities, Segments and Trends to 2030

Global Urban Air Mobility Market Key Revenue, Opportunities, Segments and Trends to 2030

Bharat Book Bureau provides Market Research Market Report on “Urban Air Mobility Market by Solution, Mobility Type, Platform Operation, Range, Platform Architecture, End User, Region – Global Forecast to 2030”UNDER Defense Market Research Report Category. The report offers a collection of superior market research, market analysis, competitive intelligence and market reports. of Urban Air Traffic Market is projected to grow from USD 3.8 billion in 2023 to USD 28.5 billion by 2030, at a CAGR of 33.5% from 2023 to 2030. Various factors, such as the need for sustainable aviation in urban areas and the growing of urban congestion, drive the market for urban air mobility. However, the limited regulatory framework and public psychological barriers involving UAM are limiting the overall growth of the market.

“Cargo Air Vehicles: Second Largest Mobility Type Segment in Urban Air Mobility Market in 2023.” The cargo air vehicle segment is projected to hold the second largest share in 2023. Air cargo vehicle manufacturing companies are focused on using air cargo vehicles to deliver light and heavy loads for intercity and domestic deliveries. . The commercial logistics industry uses cargo air vehicles for applications such as inventory management, inventory tracking, parcel delivery, medical supply distribution, and food delivery. Thus, the growing use of cargo air vehicles in commercial logistics is driving the urban air mobility market. “E-commerce Companies: Second Largest End-User Segment in Urban Air Mobility Market in 2023.” The e-commerce companies segment is projected to hold the second largest share in 2023. E-commerce companies have become integral participants in the urban air mobility (UAM) ecosystem. They actively contribute to the evolution of delivery services utilizing UAM technology. By partnering with UAM service providers or creating their own delivery networks, e-commerce companies optimize their logistics operations for increased efficiency and speed. The collaboration between e-commerce and UAM facilitates innovative solutions for last-mile delivery, elevating the customer experience and driving the growth of the e-commerce industry. “Fixed-Wing Hybrid: The Second Largest Platform Architecture Segment in the Urban Air Mobility Market in 2023.” The fixed-wing hybrid segment is projected to hold the second largest share in 2023. Fixed-wing hybrid aircraft in urban air mobility (UAM) have experienced tremendous growth. Hybrid fixed-wing urban air mobility (UAM) aircraft combine the benefits of fixed-wing aircraft and electric propulsion systems. These aircraft use a combination of electric motors and traditional combustion engines, providing power and lift. They are suitable for longer distance travel and can use the existing airport infrastructure. The growth of this segment is due to continuous efforts to increase efficiency, reduce emissions and promote sustainability in urban air transport. “The European region is estimated to hold the second largest share in the urban air mobility market in 2023.” Europe is estimated to hold the second largest share in urban air mobility in 2023. The European region for this study includes France, Great Britain, Russia, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Rest of Europe. Urban air mobility in Europe has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. The growth of the segment is due to the active embrace of developments in electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft and autonomous drones to revolutionize transport within urban areas. Countries such as Germany and the Netherlands are investing in the development of dedicated infrastructure and urban air mobility hubs. The European Union is also playing a crucial role by establishing regulatory frameworks to ensure the safe integration of drones and eVTOL aircraft into urban airspace.
The breakdown of the profiles of the key participants in the urban air mobility market is as follows:
•By type of company: Level 1 – 49%; Level 2 – 37%; and Level 3 – 14% •According to the definition: Level C managers – 55%; Directors – 27%; and others – 18% •By region: North America – 32%; Europe – 32%; Asia Pacific – 16%; Latin America – 10%; Rest of the World – 10% Key players in the urban air mobility market are Airbus SE (Netherlands), Volocopter GmbH (Germany), Hyundai Motor Company (South Korea), EHang (China), Joby Aviation, Inc. (USA), Textron Inc. (USA), Airo Group Holdings, Inc. (USA) and Vertical Aerospace (UK).
Research Coverage
The market study covers the urban air mobility market in various segments and sub-segments. It aims to estimate the size and growth potential of this market in various segments based on solution, mobility type, platform operation, platform architecture, end user, range and region. This study also includes an in-depth competitive analysis of the leading players in the market, along with their company profiles, key observations regarding their products and business offerings, recent developments undertaken by them, and key market strategies. approved by them.
Key benefits of purchasing this report:
This report will assist market leaders/new entrants in this market with information on the closest approximation of revenue numbers for the overall urban air mobility market and its sub-segments. The report covers the entire urban air mobility industry ecosystem and will help stakeholders understand the competitive landscape and gain more insights to better position their businesses and plan appropriate market entry strategies. The report will also help stakeholders understand the pulse of the market and provide them with information on key market drivers, restraints, challenges and opportunities.
The report provides insights on the following points:
Analysis of key drivers (Increasing urban congestion; Technological advances in the UAM industry; Need for fast and effective transportation; Increasing environmental concerns; Smart City initiatives), constraints (Limited regulatory framework; Psychological barriers involving UAM), opportunities (High demand for shorter driving time, need for sustainable development) and challenges (Cybersecurity concerns; lack of skilled workforce) influencing the growth of the urban air mobility market • Product Development/Innovation: Detailed insights into future technologies, research and development activities, and new product and service launches in the urban air mobility market • Market development: Comprehensive information on profitable markets – the report analyzes the urban air mobility market in various regions • Market diversification: Comprehensive information on new products and services, untapped geographies, recent developments and investments in the urban air mobility market • Competition assessment: In-depth assessment of market shares, growth strategies and service offerings of key players such as Volocopter GmbH (Germany), Eve Holding, Inc. (Brazil), Hyundai Motor Company (South Korea), Lilium Aviation GmbH (Germany), Joby Aviation, Inc. (USA), Wingcopter GmbH (Germany) among others in the urban air mobility market.
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