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How Shipixy makes shipping easy and cost effective

At Shipixy, we know that shipping can be a daunting and expensive task. That’s why we’re on a mission to make it easy and cost-effective for you. our Standard shipping option is only one way to achieve this goal.

What is Standard Shipping?

When you choose our standard shipping option, your package will be shipped using our most economical method. This means it may take a little longer to arrive than it would with our express shipping option, but it will still arrive safely and securely.

How does Shipixy keep shipping costs low?

At Shipixy, we use a number of cost-saving measures to keep our prices as low as possible. For example, we work with multiple carriers to get the best possible rates and optimize our shipping routes to minimize shipping costs. We also offer volume-based discounts to our customers who ship frequently.

Standard shipping benefits

Choosing our standard shipping option comes with several benefits. First of all, it is the most economical way to send your packages. Additionally, it’s a great option if you’re not in a rush to receive your shipment and can afford to wait a little longer. Finally, our standard shipping option is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint as it allows us to optimize our routes and reduce emissions.

Other shipping options

While our standard shipping option is a great choice for many of our customers, we also offer a variety of other shipping options to meet your needs. Our express shipping option is perfect for those who need their packages to arrive quickly, while our freight shipping option is great for larger shipments.


At Shipixy, we are dedicated to making shipping as easy and cost efficient as possible. Our standard shipping option is just one way to achieve this goal. By using cost-saving measures and optimizing our routes, we are able to offer our customers the cheapest possible way to ship their packages. So why wait? Try our standard shipping option today and experience the Shipixy difference.



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