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Malta Permanent Residence Program (MPRP): The Ultimate Guide

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Malta Residency Agency FAQs

Video: MPRP Launch Message by Hon. Alex Muscat

The Residency Agency Malta (RMA) refers to the Malta Permanent Residence Program (MPRP) as a direct residency by investment program based on property investment and government contributions. With the promise of a processing time of 4 to 6 months from the submission of a complete and correct application, the MPRP offers great value to clients wishing to make Malta their home away from home.

As Malta Community Agency (Agenzija Komunita Malta) Licensed Agent AKM-BALD-21, Dr Russell Attard Baldacchino can directly assist with the proper preparation and submission of applications to the Malta Residency Agency (RMA).EU Nomad Visa

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Benefits of MPRP

The benefits of the Malta Permanent Residency Program include:

the right to establish, remain and reside permanently in Malta;

enjoy visa-free travel through Schengen, 90 out of 180 days;

break into Malta’s affordable real estate market;

can include up to 4 generations in one application

MPRP Eligibility

To qualify for the MPRP, applicants must

be citizens of third countries, outside the EEA and non-Swiss; not come from sanctioned countries, as notified from time to time by the Agency;

not benefit according to other relevant regulations and schemes;

have stable and regular financial resources, sufficient to support themselves and their dependents, without recourse to the Maltese social assistance system;

show that they have capital assets of no less than €500,000, of which at least €150,000 must be financial assets;

be suitable individuals and have a clean criminal record;

do not pose any potential threat to national security, public policy, public health or the public interest.

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MPRP requirements

To apply for the Malta Permanent Residence Program (MPRP), applicants must:

Submit an application through a licensed agent, such as Dr Russell Attard Baldacchino;

Administrative Fee

Pay a non-refundable administrative fee of €40,000.

Investments in property:

Rent a property for a minimum of €10,000 in South Malta/Gozo or €12,000 in the rest of Malta; OR

Buy a property for a minimum value of €300,000 in South Malta/Gozo or €350,000 in the rest of Malta.

The purchase or leasehold title to the qualifying property must be held for a minimum period of 5 years.

Government contribution

€28,000 if you buy a property; OR

€58,000 if a property is rented or leased;

Dependent Fees:

Pay an additional €7,500 for each additional adult (except spouse).


Make a donation of €2,000 to a local philanthropic, cultural, scientific, artistic, sporting or animal welfare NGO registered with the Voluntary Organizations Commissioner;

Possess a valid travel document.

Get an all-perils health insurance policy across Malta

Get travel insurance when traveling through Schengen.

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Key points of questions and answers from the MPRP regulations

What does the MPRP grant offer?

Successful applicants under the MPRP will be issued with a Maltese Residence Certificate, which entitles the beneficiary and their dependents to reside, settle or reside indefinitely in Malta.

Do applicants have to use a licensed agent?

Individuals wishing to submit an MPRP application should do so with the assistance of a Maltese licensed agent such as Dr Russell Attard Baldacchino.

Who can apply as a lead applicant under the MPRP?

To apply, the main applicant must be at least 18 years old and possess at least €500,000 in assets, of which €150,000 must be in the form of financial assets. This minimum capital must be maintained during the first 5 years after the date of the Malta Certificate Permanent Residence in Malta.

The main applicant must also obtain stable and regular resources which are sufficient to support himself and his dependents without recourse to the Maltese social assistance system.

Who can the main applicant include as dependents?

The MPRP allows the main applicant to include the following dependents:

  1. Spouse or other relationship that has the same or similar status as marriage;
  2. Children, including adopted children, under the age of 18;

iii. Children, including adopted children, over the age of 18, who are unmarried and primarily dependent on the main applicant.

  1. Parents or grandparents who are primarily dependent on the main applicant.
  2. Children who have been proven to have disabilities.

Are there any other qualifications for the main applicant?

Applicants must be non-EEA and non-Swiss third-country nationals who do not benefit from other relevant regulations and schemes



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