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Oppenheimer Crossing $700M Global Box Office Today – Deadline

Oppenheimer Crossing $700M Global Box Office Today – Deadline

UPDATE, SATURDAY August 19: Christopher Nolan and Universal’s Oppenheimer is on its way to yet another milestone, poised to cross $700M global through today. After five frames, the epic is expected to reach $718M with tomorrow’s numbers included. That will make it Nolan’s 4th highest-grossing film ever worldwide, overtaking Interstellar. It will also move into the No. 4 spot on the global chart for 2023 so far.

The international box office cume through tomorrow is projected at $432M after a $31.8M fifth session. Oppenheimer is the biggest Nolan film of all time at the international box office when restated to today’s dollars and excluding un-released markets.

For the year so far, the Cillian Murphy-starrer is the No. 3 movie overseas, excluding China where it releases on August 30. As previously noted, this is Nolan’s highest-grossing movie in 50 markets, and now his top non-superhero title in 63.

The Top 5 markets through Friday are the UK ($62.1M), Germany ($38.1M), France ($30.4M), Australia ($22.1M) and Spain ($17.8M). Also notable, Korea is seeing a big opening weekend with $10.4M through today.

We’ll have a full update on Sunday. 

PREVIOUS UPDATE, August 10: With today’s business, Christopher Nolan’s epic Oppenheimer will hit yet another benchmark, crossing $600M at the global box office. The latest milestone comes just 23 days into release.

Adding $7.7M on Wednesday from 78 overseas markets, the Universal title’s international box office cume through yesterday is $350.7M. The worldwide total is $593.5M. Markets still to release include Vietnam (today) and Italy, Korea and China through the rest of August.

Already having surpassed Dunkirk as Nolan’s fifth-highest grossing film of all time globally this past weekend and becoming the biggest WWII movie ever worldwide (see previous post below), Oppenheimer is now the filmmaker’s top movie ever in 47 markets, including Germany, Netherlands, India, Belgium, Norway, the UAE, Poland and more. It’s also the best for Nolan outside the Batman franchise in 61 markets, including Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, Central America and the Philippines.

The Cillian Murphy-starrer has been seeing solid midweek play and, through Wednesday, is led by the UK with $53.4M, in line with Dunkirk (+1%) and The Dark Knight Rises (-7%) at the same point, having already surpassed the lifetimes of InceptionInterstellar and Tenet in the market.

Germany has also advanced since Sunday, now at $31.5M through Wednesday when it surpassed the lifetime of The Dark Knight Rises to become the biggest Nolan film ever in the market. 

France has grossed $26.1M to date, running 20% above The Dark Knight Rises at the same point in time. Australia is at $19.1M through Wednesday, which is 16% above Inception, having already surpassed the lifetimes of Dunkirk, Interstellar and Tenet. And, India is now at $16.7M.

Other notable cumes include Mexico’s $15.4M, the 2nd biggest Nolan film in the market (having passed The Dark Knight this week); Spain’s $15M, Netherlands’ $12.7M; Brazil’s $10.2M, the 2nd biggest Nolan film ever, behind The Dark Knight Rises and performing 12% above that film at the same point; and Sweden with $6.5M, the 2nd biggest Nolan film in the market (behind The Dark Knight Rises).

PREVIOUS, August 5: Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer has reached the $500M global milestone, on its way to an estimated $551M through Sunday. This would make it the filmmaker’s fifth-highest-grossing film of all time, ahead of Dunkirk. The worldwide total through Friday is $499.3M, meaning that it has already topped the five-century mark today.

Overseas, the Universal title is expected to see an impressive 33% drop in the third frame, adding $51M and reaching an estimated international box office cume through Sunday of $323M, which is 129% above Dunkirk, 169% above Interstellar, 212% above Tenet, and 25% above The Dark Knight Rises at the same point in like-for-like markets.

The Cillian Murphy-starrer is the biggest Nolan film of all-time in 41 markets including the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, India, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. It is Nolan’s top non-Batman pic in 55, including Mexico, Brazil, Turkey, Austria, Poland and Malaysia.

The epic story of the titular complicated and brilliant physicist tasked with leading the Manhattan Project, the secret effort to create the atom bomb, and the moral and political struggles that followed is now one of four biographical films to cross $500M global box office ever, including Bohemian RhapsodyThe Passion of the Christ and American Sniper.

Through Sunday, Oppenheimer will rank as the highest-grossing WWII movie of all time worldwide in reported historic grosses, ie also ahead of Saving Private Ryan ($482M) and Pearl Harbor ($449M).

The Top 5 markets through Friday are the UK/Ireland with $45M followed by Germany with $24.6M, France ($21.8M), Australia ($16M) and India ($15M).

Still yet to release such major offshore markets as Korea, Italy and China.


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