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Rigid boxes: the epitome of luxury packaging


Brands that sell luxury products will have come across rigid box which can be used to package the product. This packaging is popular in this industry because it can provide excellent support and can give a luxurious feel. It can even be called as premium or high-end packaging because of its weight plus expenses. The packaging includes strong paper-based packaging consisting of high-thickness plates, which are wrapped in special decorative paper. Boxes are able to provide a premium feel that enhances the consumer’s unboxing experience while allowing you more opportunities to create your brand.

If you are interested in knowing more about this type of packaging for luxury products, read on to learn more:

High durability packaging

The packaging is one that tends to be tougher, harder as well as stiffer compared to regular, everyday packaging. Luxury products need this type of packaging so that the product remains safe in the box and also so that a brand can tell people that the product is a high-end product.

Usually, the box will have strong materials such as cardboard, however, it is possible for the packaging to also have interesting finishes such as fabric, artificial leather, resin, thin light wood, etc.

When people look at the packaging, they get the impression that a luxury product is inside the packaging, so it is the best to choose for goods like this.

Availability of boxes with different styles

There are various design boxes present in this category. Therefore, a brand can choose the one that best suits what they are selling and also the option that will stand out to the consumer base.

For example, you can choose the option of magnetic closures. This is a box that removes two pieces of cardboard which can be immediately snapped inside the box when the box is closed. This is able to give the packaging a sense of elegance along with practicality. A magnetic closure box looks like a package that has a lid that is attached to one side. The cap present on the other side has two magnets that fit between the cardboard layers.

You can even get tube or rolled edge tube packaging which is a type of cylindrical packaging. You can get it in telescoping and open-neck styles, allowing it to be perfect for makeup, accessories, and more.

A company can choose the best one that will be perfectly suitable for the product it wants to box.

Design in a luxurious way

It is also possible for brands to design custom hard case in a luxurious way, that is, letting people know that the product is like that inside.

For example, you can consider a packaging design theme that will suggest elegance and luxury such as the theme of minimalism. You will keep the design simple but at the same time it will look great. This packaging design does not include many details in the box which may confuse the customer.

Color scheme

Brands aiming to give the impression of luxury will have to choose the best color scheme which will be able to give this impression easily to the buyers. If you are confused about which colors will be able to give this luxurious impression, take a look at what they represent and the meaning of the colors. You can even choose a good brand color to include in the packaging as this will help people know about your brand.

For example, you can choose dark green which signifies wealth, luxury as well as professional quality. Purple is another color that suggests luxury, loyalty, etc.

Promote your brand

With the help of custom printed hard cases, you can effectively promote your brand as when these boxes are designed properly, they can stand out from the competition. Include your eye-catching logo on your boxes, which should be designed in a way that suggests luxury. The logo should look professional and also be memorable.

As mentioned above, you can also include your brand colors in the packaging. If you have a brand tag, include that as well. If you think customers will find it useful, you can add your brand’s contact details to the packaging.

Bulk solid boxes are truly the epitome of luxury packaging. However, you need to be careful when designing your packaging if you want it to convey this image of your company. The boxes will have to be perfect in all aspects, including size, shape, design, etc. The perfect packaging will be able to show the customers that your brand is of high quality that focuses on giving a good impression to the customers when it comes to the packaging and the product as well. You can aim to design the boxes so that your target audience will like them and want to try what you are selling.



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