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Schedule of upcoming Disney and Pixar releases: Elemental

Disney and Pixar Upcoming Releases Calendar: All Upcoming Animated Movies

From ‘Elementary’ to ‘Wish’, Mickey Mouse House has some exciting projects ahead of the next few years.

Disney continues to expand its fantastical universe with new movies and series both on the big screen and through its ever-growing streaming platform Disney+, which most fans of the house of Mickey Mouse could not live without. .

But in addition to its promising titles within its subsidiaries Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm and company, the largest animation studio in the world has great projects for the coming years. Now that 2023 is upon us, it’s exciting to think that the first big projects are about to drop.

Animation underperformed for Disney in 2022 and lost $300 million, but that could all change with the new Pixar

The studio’s next project hits theaters on July 14.

2022 hasn’t gone too well for Disney at the box office. Only about animation because, of course, Avatar: The Shape of Water has made more than two billion dollars at the box office. Also, other titles from the House of Mickey Mouse have had very good records in their passage through theaters, but there are two projects released last year that have caused losses to the studio.

‘Elemental’: The new Pixar was born from a doodle in which the director turned a beautiful family story upside down

Pixar’s new film, directed by Peter Sohn, hits theaters on July 14.

“The idea of ​​the themes of the film was very personal for me. My experience growing up in New York and some of the xenophobia that my parents and I faced were all issues that were more personal than political.” That’s how Peter Sohn describes the birth of Pixar’s new film, Elemental, a film he co-created with producer Denise Ream, among many others, that will hit theaters this summer.

Sohn grew up in the Bronx, New York, the son of Korean immigrants. In what might be called the “American dream”—a term that’s quite creepy to me, but one that fits the director’s story—he ended up studying at the prestigious CalArts University of the Arts and, later, worked under Brad Bird at The Iron Giant movie. At the age of 45, Peter Sohn can tell the story that his parents lived and of which he is very proud. There is no grudge in his story, but a lot of hope.

There’s been a lot of talk about Disney’s crisis, but they just announced what could be one of their best movies in years

Bob Iger returns to the company after leaving in 2021. Amid the executive turmoil, they continue to announce and launch big projects.

Bob Iger, one of Hollywood’s most important executives in recent years, returns to Disney to replace Bob Chapek. Iger was responsible for negotiating the acquisition of Pixar, Marvel and LucasFilm and, later, he also took over 21st Century Fox. He returns after it was announced that the launch of Disney + had caused a loss of 8,000 million dollars and that its titles have lost 41% of their value in 2022. There is a crisis at the company, but it has not affected its output or its talent to its creators, who continue to move forward. In fact, they recently unveiled what might be one of their biggest works in years.

Last week saw the first preview of Elemental, the new Disney and Pixar film that will be released in the summer of 2023. The film takes us to Element City, a place where the inhabitants of fire, water, earth live together with Air. There lives Candela, a fierce and passionate young woman made of fire, who meets Nilo, a funny guy who lets himself go, like the water that makes up his body. Both will defy the rules of the worlds they come from.

‘Elemental’: This is Disney and Pixar’s new film about the four elements

Peter Sohn, the director of ‘Arlo’s Journey’, will be responsible for directing this new project which will be released in June 2023.,61176605.html

Disney and Pixar are already preparing premieres for 2023 and this is demonstrated by Elemental, their new film about the four elements that will be released sometime in June 2023 and for which we already have a first look.

The film will be directed by Peter Sohn, the same man behind Arlo Journey and the short film Partly Cloudy. The story revolves around an unusual couple, Wade and Ember, who live in a city where the inhabitants of the four elements coexist. Water, earth, fire and air.



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