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Simple Procedure to Fix QuickBooks Error 12031

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QuickBooks Error 12031

QuickBooks is real-time software that uses the Internet to perform its functions. The software is reliable and helps users with cloud storage to keep their data safe. However, QuickBooks always remains at risk of developing internal bugs that prevent the software from working to its full compatibility. QuickBooks Error 12031 occurs when the software fails to connect to the Internet due to incorrect Windows settings or network connection problems. If you also encounter this problem while working in QuickBooks, explore this blog to find out the reasons for the error and techniques to solve it from your computer.

Have this problem corrected by a QB support team by reaching them at +1-855-948-3646.


QuickBooks will not be able to run online tasks after being affected by this error due to the following causes:

  • Slow internet speed provided by your service provider and bring errors in QuickBooks internet connection.
  • An incompatible web browser is being used to perform QuickBooks functions.
  • SSL settings block QuickBooks from connecting to the Internet.

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Use the methods given below to fix the connection error in your QuickBooks-

Solution 1- Compare your system’s internet speed with QB’s requirements and configure your web browser settings

QuickBooks performs most accounting tasks using the Internet, and any problem with the Internet connection causes the software’s functions to stop. Poor internet speed is a major reason for developing this error, as it breaks the software’s connection to the Intuit servers and corrupts the files during download. You need to find the internet speed on your computer using the below steps and take necessary action then-

  • Open the Google home page in your browser.
  • Type ‘Internet speed test’ in the search field and run the test from the results.
  • Let the test complete and compare the results to QuickBooks’ claims of 3Mbps average and 1.5Mbps average.

You should upgrade your network connection if it does not provide the required internet speed. If the internet speed is sufficient, you should try changing the internet browser you are using. An incompatible third-party browser develops problems when running QB functions and integrating with Windows applications. Follow the steps given below –

  • Go to the control panel and click the Apps option.
  • Tap the Default Apps option and select the Web Browser option.
  • Select Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer and save the settings.
  • Open QuickBooks again and try performing the task that caused this error.

If QuickBooks is still infected with the error, move on to the next solution.

Solution 2 – Clear Internet Explorer’s SSL state

This error can also develop due to incorrect Internet Explorer settings. You can fix the issue by adjusting the settings as shown in the steps below-

  • Open the Run window using Windows+R and type ‘inetcpl.cpl’ in the search field.
  • Go to the “Content” file in the “Internet Features” window.
  • Click the Clear SSL state option and restart your computer.
  • Reopen QuickBooks and run the task again.


You read about the main causes of QuickBooks Error 12031 while performing an online task. We hope the methods given in the blog are easy to execute and help you remove the problem from your QuickBooks.

If you encounter problems while using the methods, contact a QB support team at +1-855-948-3646.

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