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Singles Inferno S3 Cast

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The new season of the Netflix dating reality series has maintained its tradition of assembling a bunch of attractive and attractive competitors. The contestants of Single’s Inferno Season 3 are everyone’s newest passion, ranging in age and job.

According to the series’ regulations, no one is allowed to reveal their personal information until they become a pair and travel to Paradise. While some of the rules have altered, the level of secrecy has remained constant. It’s a necessary degree of drama because some people don’t know anything about the person they have a crush on. Others have an advantage if they have visited Paradise.

Kim Gyu-ri

Kim Gyu-ri got Single’s Inferno Season 3 off to a good start as the show’s first female cast member. Her motivation for entering the series is to meet someone who can make her heart skip a beat. She wants to meet someone who makes her happy every time she sees them. Gyu-ri acknowledges she has a bright personality but is wary of new people. Gyu-ri had partnered with Min-hyuk for Paradise by the end of the second episode into the third. She stated her age and occupation while there. Gyu-ri is a 28-year-old model.

Choi Hye-seon

Choi Hye-seon

Choi Hye-seon joined Single’s Inferno Season 3 as the second cast member after Gyu-ri. She is confident in herself and notes that she has a bright personality and is often referred to as a “ball of sunshine.” She also stated that she believes she has decent body proportions and prefers men who are more masculine.

Choi Min-woo

Choi Min-woo

Min-woo confessed right away that he is more drawn to older women who are elegant. He prefers a woman with a bright and outgoing attitude because he is more quiet and introverted. He admits that his best attribute is his physique, which includes his height and shoulders.

Lee Jin-seok

An Min-young

Lee Gwan-hee

Son Won-ik

Yun Ha-bin

Yun Ha-jeong

Park Min-kyu

Yu Si-eun

Cho Min-ji

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