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Steps to remove the Intuit update service could not start error

can't start intuit update services error

QuickBooks Point of Sale is a bookkeeping software designed for retail store owners to help them record daily sales and manage inventory. The software can analyze customer buying patterns and suggest discount rates to increase sales. However, users have experienced error Intuit update service could not start message while installing QuickBooks Point of Sale on their systems. If you see this error while installing the software or while running a financial exchange, continue reading further to learn about the root of this error and ways to eliminate it.

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The causes of this error appearing while setting up QuickBooks POS on your computer are described below-

  1. You use the beta version of the .NET Framework on your computer, which is not able to run all the functions of the software.
  2. Point-of-sale installers stop running in the background due to internal issues or outdated version.
  3. User Account Control settings prevent QB POS from being installed on your system.

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You can prevent problems during QuickBooks POS by applying the techniques given below-

Solution 1- Adjust your Windows User Account Control settings

QuickBooks Point of Sale or any other application fails to install on your system if the UAC settings are not set correctly. These settings are for protecting your system from unwanted or harmful applications. If the User Account Control settings block the installation of the software, you will receive this error message on the screen. Here is a way to configure UAC settings-

  1. Open Control Panel on your computer and go to User calculation using the search bar at the top.
  2. Select Change user account control Settings and select your Windows account.
  3. Use the slider in the next window to control the UAC settings. By moving it to Always Report disable the settings and move the slider to Never notify disable settings.
  4. Turn off the UAC settings and try installing QuickBooks on your system again.

If QuickBooks POS installation still fails due to the error, move on to the next solution.

Solution 2- Use your Windows administrator account to install the latest version of QuickBooks POS

This error can also develop if QB POS installer fails to access some essential files due to lack of permissions. If you encounter this error while executing a financial exchange in QB POS, you should install the software to the latest version to ensure that the errors do not occur again. Apply these steps –

  1. Restart your computer and click your Admin account on the login screen.
  2. Manually enter the user account information if the administrator account is not listed.
  3. Use a web browser to open the official QuickBooks website.
  4. Go to the Downloads and Updates page to download the latest version of QuickBooks POS to your computer.
  5. Wait for the update file to download and use the on-screen instructions to install the software update on your computer.


This blog explains the causes of error Intuit update service could not start while installing QuickBooks POS or running a financial exchange. Now you have learned the methods to counter the error and hopefully you can use them to fix the problem in your QuickBooks POS.

If you encounter trouble using the methods, contact a QB support team at +1-855-948-3646.

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