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Super Abrasives – CBN and Diamond Wheels

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Super abrasives refer to a category of grinding wheels that are highly efficient and durable in cutting, grinding and polishing applications. Two commonly used super abrasives are cubic boron nitride (CBN) and diamond. Let’s consider each of them in more detail:

  1. CBN Wheels:

    • CBN is a synthetic material made from cubic boron nitride, which exhibits exceptional hardness and thermal stability.
    • CBN wheels are ideal for grinding non-ferrous materials such as hardened steels, cast iron and superalloys.
    • They have high thermal conductivity, which helps reduce heat build-up during the grinding process, resulting in improved tool life and reduced thermal damage to the workpiece.
    • CBN wheels can maintain their cutting sharpness for a longer time compared to conventional abrasives such as aluminum oxide or silicon carbide.
    • They are particularly useful for applications that require high precision, such as automotive component manufacturing, tool and machine manufacturing, and the aerospace industry.
  2. Diamond wheel:

    • Diamond is the hardest natural substance and offers excellent hardness, wear resistance and chemical stability.
    • Diamond wheels are widely used for grinding non-ferrous materials such as ceramics, glass, carbides and composites.
    • They are very effective in achieving high material removal rates and superior surface finishes.
    • Diamond wheels can be used for both wet and dry grinding processes, depending on the specific application requirements.
    • They are commonly used in industries such as optics, electronics, precision machining, and gem cutting and polishing.

Both CBN and diamond wheels offer distinct advantages over conventional abrasives, including higher productivity, improved part quality and longer tool life. The choice between CBN and diamond wheels depends on the specific material being machined and the desired result of the grinding process. Factors such as hardness, thermal conductivity and chemical compatibility with the workpiece are considered when selecting the right super abrasive wheel for a particular Sunshine Tech application.

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