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The Best Embroidery Machine for Starting an Embroidery Business

Embroidery Business
Embroidery Business

Embroidery has been an art form for centuries, adding beauty and elegance to textiles with intricate designs and patterns. In recent times, it has evolved into a profitable business venture, as people increasingly seek personalized and customized products. Starting an embroidery business in 2023 can be a lucrative opportunity, but it requires investing in the right equipment. One of the crucial tools for any embroidery business is an embroidery machine. In this blog, we will explore and compare some of the best embroidery machines available in 2023, considering their features, performance, price, and suitability for starting a successful Embroidery digitizing business.

1. Brother PE800

The Brother PE800 is a versatile and reliable embroidery machine that caters to both beginners and experienced embroiderers. With its large color touchscreen, USB port for design imports, and extensive built-in designs, the PE800 offers a seamless and user-friendly experience. It comes equipped with a 5″ x 7″ embroidery field, allowing you to work on larger designs and handle various projects efficiently. Additionally, its automatic needle threader and automatic thread trimmer save time and effort, increasing productivity in your embroidery business.

For small and medium-sized embroidery businesses, the Brother PE800 is an excellent choice due to its affordability and impressive features for digitizing services.

2. Janome Memory Craft 500E

The Janome Memory Craft 500E is a top-tier embroidery machine that boasts exceptional performance and a wide array of advanced features. With a maximum embroidery size of 7.9″ x 11″, this machine enables you to take on larger and more intricate projects. Its built-in designs and fonts, combined with the capability to import custom designs via USB, open up limitless creative possibilities.

Moreover, the Memory Craft 500E offers an embroidery speed of up to 860 stitches per minute, making it ideal for businesses that handle large orders. The machine also includes a precise thread tension adjustment and automatic thread cutter, ensuring that your embroidery work is consistently neat and professional.

However, the Memory Craft 500E’s higher price point might be a challenge for those starting their embroidery business on a tight budget. But for established entrepreneurs or businesses with higher demand, this machine is worth the investment.

3. Singer Legacy SE300

The Singer Legacy SE300 is a feature-rich embroidery machine that strikes a balance between affordability and performance. It comes with 250 built-in embroidery designs and a large embroidery area of 10.25″ x 6″, perfect for tackling sizeable projects. The machine’s SwiftSmart threading system and Drop & Sew bobbin system facilitate quick and easy setup, allowing you to focus on your creative work without unnecessary hassles.

With an embroidery speed of 700 stitches per minute, the SE300 ensures that you can efficiently complete multiple projects for your embroidery business. The machine’s computer connectivity also enables easy design transfers from your computer to the embroidery machine.

4. Bernina 590

For embroidery businesses seeking uncompromising quality and craftsmanship, the Bernina 590 is a premium choice. Bernina is renowned for producing high-end sewing and embroidery machines, and the 590 is no exception. With an extensive library of built-in embroidery designs and a spacious embroidery area of 8.5″ x 6″, this machine caters to complex and detailed projects.

The Bernina 590 features an intuitive touchscreen interface, precise stitch control, and a jumbo bobbin that holds 70% more thread than standard bobbins, reducing the frequency of bobbin changes. Its embroidery speed of 1,000 stitches per minute sets it apart as a fast and efficient machine for handling bulk orders.

While the Bernina 590 comes with a hefty price tag. So its exceptional quality, durability, and performance make it a long-term investment for serious embroidery entrepreneurs.

5. Baby Lock Flourish II

The Baby Lock Flourish II is a mid-range embroidery machine. So that delivers impressive results and comes at a reasonable price point. With a 6.25″ x 10.25″ embroidery area, this machine accommodates various embroidery designs, including large monograms and intricate patterns. Its advanced needle threader and thread sensor further simplify the embroidery process, allowing you to focus on creativity and efficiency.

The Flourish II includes 181 built-in designs and 140 frame combinations, offering plenty of options for customization. Its embroidery speed of 850 stitches per minute ensures timely completion of orders while maintaining precision and quality.


As you embark on the journey of starting an embroidery business in 2023. Choosing the right embroidery machine is paramount to your success. Each of the machines mentioned in this blog offers unique features and capabilities suited for different business needs and budgets.

For those starting small or medium-sized embroidery businesses Embroidery digitizing services. The Brother PE800 and Singer Legacy SE300 are excellent options that strike. A balance between affordability and performance. On the other hand, established entrepreneurs or businesses with high demands might. Consider investing in the Janome Memory Craft 500E or the premium Bernina 590 for unparalleled quality and efficiency.

Regardless of your choice. Remember to factor in essential aspects such as embroidery area, built-in designs, embroidery speed. And connectivity options when making your decision. By selecting the best embroidery machine for your specific needs. You can lay a solid foundation for a thriving and successful embroidery business in 2023 and beyond. Happy embroidering!



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