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The health benefits of a clean home

The health benefits of a clean home

Clean homes offer numerous health benefits. From reducing the transmission of germs and improving productivity, having a clean environment just makes you feel better overall.

Keeping a tidy home can be challenging for some people. Fortunately, experts offer some home cleaning tips to keep your space clean without feeling overwhelmed.

1. Make a cleaning routine

Cleaning on a regular schedule makes keeping a clean house much simpler; otherwise, it can quickly become unruly and overwhelming.

Start a cleaning regimen by gathering pen and paper, going room by room in your home, noting all the tasks that need to be done on a regular basis. While it may seem like a lot at first, taking an accurate inventory is vital.

Once you have your list, organize it according to how often each task needs to be done. This will allow you to create a schedule – daily, weekly, monthly or bi-annually or annually depending on the tasks you need to do – and take action as planned. It can be helpful to experiment with different plans until you find one that works for your family – Timed sessions are ideal for busy families! Set a 30-minute timer and work until it beeps. This will provide sufficient opportunity to complete all necessary cleanings.

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2. Do a deep clean

Even the cleanest homes can still harbor germs hiding in hard-to-reach places, requiring an intensive form of cleaning to reach all these spots. Deep or spring cleaning provides this level of attention. Deep cleaning targets these hard-to-reach places more.

Cleaning includes dusting ceilings and corners, washing lighting fixtures, cleaning plinths and crown moldings from dust accumulation, disinfecting remote controls and electronic equipment, and disinfecting remote controls and electronic equipment. To make things simpler, try using either a long-handled duster or a disposable cloth for this task.

Some may choose to do a deep clean once a season, but for optimal results it’s best to do this regularly. Doing this will prevent your home from getting too dirty and dirty, making entertaining friends and family that much easier. This is especially important if you share common living spaces as roommates or spouses; Regular deep cleaning can prevent diseases in the family as well.

3. Organize your closets

Make room in your closet by purging yourself of those little dresses or high school boots you no longer wear, using reusable shopping bags or laundry baskets to sort, donate, and throw away piles. Consider selling any items that are out of fashion, damaged beyond repair that no longer serve their original purpose, or are simply not being worn. Doing this will create a clutter-free space leaving room for future clothing and accessory purchases.

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After cleaning, organize the remaining clothes in hangers or drawers based on the frequency of use; setting aside “prime real estate” areas for tops, shirts, pants, skirts and jackets according to Brookshire. Or try grouping similar shades together, such as long sleeve shirt with short sleeve shirt (long/short sleeve shirt with casual top) etc. Closet or drawer organizers can be useful for items that don’t hang, such as scarves/ties, socks, and even stackable shoe boxes/organizers can be added for even more storage needs.

4. Schedule a deep cleaning

Deep cleaning aims to remove dirt and grime that has settled below the surface, not only improving aesthetics, but also helping your health by eliminating bacteria and germs.

Many people choose to perform a deep cleaning every spring, although it can be done at any time of the year. A comprehensive deep cleaning can take several weekends depending on its purpose; Alternatively, smaller monthly or weekly tasks can be assigned in rotation to achieve similar results.

As part of a deep clean, don’t forget to dust ceilings and moldings, wipe down walls and baseboards, sweep or dry floors, sweep carpets and upholstery, and vacuum them all. A long-handled duster designed to catch dust particles or an adhesive microfiber cloth on the end of a broom handle or mop are great ways to reach those hard-to-reach spots. Don’t forget to also clean the ceiling fans and vents from the dust that has collected over time.

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