Home Reviews Film The They Cloned Tyrone trailer promises a bigger plot than imagined

The They Cloned Tyrone trailer promises a bigger plot than imagined

The They Cloned Tyrone trailer promises a bigger plot than imagined

Get ready for one of the most unconventional comedies of the summer, when Netflix releases their sci-fi adventure with some of the biggest stars of the past two years. A new trailer has been released for They cloned Tyronea story that will feature performances from John Boyega, Teyonah Parris AND Jamie Foxx. The film will see the three characters involved in a plot bigger than anything they could have imagined, and it will be up to them to get to the bottom before it’s too late. Fortunately, they seem to have enough skills to bring the truth to light.

Fontaine (Boyega), Yo-Yo (Parris) and Slick Charles (Foxx) know that the government is secretly working on conducting experiments on humans. While they don’t know the reason behind this, the first teaser of the film made it clear that they can be a very functional team if they can see past their differences. Joel Taylor sat behind the camera for the project, introducing the trio of young heroes while setting the stage for the plot they must unravel. No one will be safe when government secrets are revealed in a new comedy that promises to mix the charisma of its stars with a futuristic concept.


This wouldn’t be the first time the main cast of They cloned Tyrone got into trouble with outstanding concepts, as Teyonah Parris is currently making a statement with her role as Captain Monica Rambeau in Marvel Cinematic Universe. On the other hand, John Boyega became iconic when he entered a galaxy far, far away Star Wars continuation of the trilogy. And when everything seemed to be going well for Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield), Jamie Foxx’s Electro was there to ruin his day, destroying Times Square in a full display of his power.

Teyonah Parris, Jamie Foxx and John Boyega
Image via Netflix

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Jamie Foxx amazing

While audiences may be excited to see another entertaining performance from the legendary actor, it’s important to remember that Jamie Foxx currently finds himself in a delicate state of health. The outstanding performer has played in many Academy Award-nominated films, such as Django Unchained, letting the world know how talented he really is. Hopefully, the star from soloist may he recover soon, so he can continue to share his wonderful gift with the fans who have loved his work for three decades.

You can watch the new trailer for They cloned Tyrone below, before the film premieres on Netflix on July 21:


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