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Where to watch ‘Sisu’ – MZnews

Where to watch ‘Sisu’ – MZnews

Never try to take gold from someone, especially someone like Korpi. Making waves since its global theatrical release, CONTENT (2023) is an action film of epic proportions. Directed by Jalmari Helanderthe film revolves around the modest miner Aatami Korpi (Jorma Tommila), who surprisingly strikes gold in his mining endeavors, but must embark on a perilous cross-country journey through Nazi-occupied Finland to reach safety. Facing off against ruthless Nazi soldiers, Korpi unleashes his extraordinary abilities, attracting the attention of a brutal SS officer. As he evades the remaining Nazi forces in pursuit of his valuable gold, audiences can expect explosive action sequences and a thrilling battle of wills. With its unique premise, stellar cast and Helander’s signature style, CONTENTThe adrenaline-fueled adventure leaves the audience either screaming or hollering.


If you haven’t seen the movie yet, don’t worry! Here’s all the information you need on how and where to watch CONTENT.

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When was Sisu released?

CONTENT had its global premiere on April 28, 2023.

Is Sisu still in the cinema?

Unfortunately, CONTENT it’s not in theaters anymore. The film made its debut at the Midnight Madness section of the Toronto International Film Festival on September 9, 2022. After that, it had its official premiere in Finland on January 27, 2023, and was later released in theaters in the United States on April 28, 2023. The release of the film in theaters took place approximately one month after the premiere of John Wick: Chapter 4. Word on the street is that a sequel to CONTENT could be a possibility (although nothing has been confirmed yet).

Watch the trailer of Sisu

The trailer for CONTENT was released on February 21, 2023, along with the following official synopsis:

“During the desperate last days of World War II, a lone seeker (Jorma Tommila) crosses paths with the Nazis at a scorched-earth retreat in northern Finland. When the Nazis steal his gold, they soon discover they’ve just been mistaken for no ordinary miner. While there is no direct translation for the Finnish word “sisu”, this legendary former commando will embody what sisu means: a form of unimaginable courage and determination in the face of overwhelming odds. And no matter what the Nazis throw at him, the one-man death squad will go to great lengths to get his gold back – even if it means killing every last Nazi in his path .”

Is Sisu streaming online?

For the moment, CONTENT it is not available on any streaming platform either. But be sure to keep your eyes peeled for any future streaming updates! And don’t worry, the movie can still be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home through on-demand digital services.

Is Sisu available digitally and on demand?

Image by Lionsgate

Yes! Now you can catch CONTENT on digital and on-demand platforms. The rental price is $19.99 (a purchase will set you back $24.99) and the film is currently available at most major online video stores. So this epic movie is just a few clicks away. Here is the link through which you can rent or buy the movie on Amazon:

Rent on Amazon

When is Sisu released on DVD, Blu-ray and 4K formats?

Mark your calendars for July 11, 2023, because that’s the day CONTENT appears on DVD, Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD™. The 4K + DVD + Blu-ray + Digital release is packed with special features that will make your viewing experience truly unforgettable. Get ready for stunning HDR movie quality, accompanied by immersive Dolby TrueHD 5.1 audio. Dive deeper into the world of CONTENT with the exclusive bonus features, “Invincible: Making Sisu” and “Breaking the Limits of Reality: Sisu’s Visual Effects”. Plus, you get to enjoy the main feature with optional English, French, Spanish and English SDH subtitles. Retail price for the combo is $30.75. Don’t miss your chance to experience the breathtaking visuals and fascinating story of CONTENT in the comfort of your home. Be sure to grab your copy from retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart. Here is the link to pre-order CONTENT in 4K:

Pre-order on Amazon

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More period action movies like Sisu that you can watch now

Inglourious Basterds (2009)

Brad Pitt as Lieutenant Aldo Raine in Inglourious Basterds (2009)
Image courtesy of The Weinstein Company

Set during the first year of the German occupation of France, Inglorious bastards follows the daring journey of Allied officer Lt. Aldo Raine (Brad Pitt). In a daring move, Raine assembles a squad of Jewish soldiers whose mission is to carry out violent acts of retribution against the Nazis, including the gruesome practice of beheading them. Together with Bridget von Hammersmark (Diane Kruger), a German actress and secret agent, they form an unlikely alliance to bring down the leaders of the Third Reich. As their paths cross, they cross paths with determined theater owner Shosanna Dreyfus (Melanie Laurent), who harbors a burning desire to avenge the execution of her family by the Nazis. Filled with tension, action and gripping performances, Inglorious bastards weave together multiple narratives of resistance and retribution in a thrilling effort to dismantle the evil regime.

Rent on Amazon

The Hateful Eight (2015)

Samuel L. Jackson in The Hateful Eight
Image via TWC

In post-Civil War Wyoming, the thrilling story of The Hateful Eight unfolds as bounty hunter John “The Hangman” Ruth (Kurt Russell) and his escaped prisoner (Jennifer Jason Leigh) make their way to Red Rock City. During their treacherous journey, they encounter another enigmatic bounty hunter (played by Samuel L. Jackson) and a self-proclaimed sheriff. Seeking shelter from an impending storm, the group seeks solace at a remote stagecoach stop located on a mountain pass. However, their hopes for safety are quickly dashed as they encounter four mysterious strangers. As tensions rise and secrets are revealed, the eight travelers realize that their very survival may be at stake, casting a shadow of uncertainty over their fateful journey to Red Rock.

Watch on Netflix

RRR (2022)

Image via Netflix

Set against the backdrop of India in the 1920s, RRR is a fascinating tale that weaves a fictional narrative around two iconic revolutionaries: Komaram Bheem (NT Rama Rao Jr.), a brave leader of the Gond tribe and Alluri Sitarama Raju (Ram Charan), a passionate independence activist. Both heroes embark on separate journeys away from their homeland, only to return with a burning desire to fight against oppressive British colonial rule.

Watch on Netflix


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