Home Business Why do chefs recommend cooking with them?

Why do chefs recommend cooking with them?

Why do chefs recommend cooking with them?

Maple wood spoon
Maple wood spoon

Have you ever read a recipe and wondered why it calls for “wooden spoon mixing”? Why not use a metal spoon to stir? or a silicone spatula or spoon? Is the type of wood the spoon is made of important? Although you may not have thought about wooden spoons before, all seasoned chefs have, and they’ve come up with some interesting answers.

Some of the most important kitchen tools to have are quality maple wood spoon. Why? Top chefs love the way they feel in their hands because they’ve seen many of their chef friends using them more often. Let’s clarify the importance of a wooden spoon as a kitchen utensil.

Reasons why chefs prefer maple spoons

Let’s start by discussing what a wooden spoon feels like. There’s nothing quite like having a wooden spoon on hand to stir a sauce or stir-fry vegetables. Especially if you’ve had it for a while. Overall, the handles are gently contoured and comfortable to hold. This is especially important when mixing a dish like risotto. You will feel comfortable using a spoon if it is comfortable in your hands. Moreover, you will use it more often if you enjoy using it. So your hand will feel relaxed stirring often when making risotto.

If you are using a metal spoon that has been stamped and formed from a sheet of aluminum or stainless steel, the thin handle can be uncomfortable to hold. Trying to grip a hard-to-grip handle, your hand may start to tire and possibly start to cramp. ”Risotto, sorry.” ”My hand is hurting right now, so I can’t stir it.”Then you end up with risotto that isn’t particularly creamy.

The metal spoons as mentioned earlier are sealed if you remember. Well, they still have straight sides that meet at 90 degree angles despite the smooth edges. Your hand may start to hurt from the constant mixing. Imagine the same sharp corners now hitting the food you’re preparing. Delicate ingredients can be damaged by a sharp-edged spoon. Thanks to their soft curves and rounded edges, wooden tools especially spoons, are much less likely to bruise, crush or tear your ingredients as you mix them.

Maple wood spoon are superior to metal spoons for a second reason: they are non-conductive. Therefore, the wooden handle will remain cold even if you leave your spoon in hot sauce for a long period. (Be careful, though—some wooden spoons get weird curves from being left in a hot pot.) You’ll burn your hand if you do this with a metal spoon. Yes, using a metal spoon with a non-conductive handle can solve this problem, but you have to deal with food being damaged by sharp edges.


Get yourself a wooden spoon made of hardwood. Pine and other soft woods will absorb an excessive amount of cooking liquids and oils. Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, they can impart a “piney” flavor to your food. A spoon made of oak, maple or olive wood is much better for you.


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